About FilmCentrix

FilmCentrix is an American Film archive established in 2016, but its film roots anchor back over 50 years into the deep reaches of exploitation cinema. Located in rural New Jersey in a most inconspicuous location, FilmCentrix houses hundreds of film negatives, mint lab prints, theatrical prints and trailers in all formats, including 8mm, 16mm, 35mm. The content of the film archive ranges from all types of American as well as random foreign cinema, from industrials and clips, to cartoons and classic commercials, to full length feature films, with many in pristine condition.

Owned and operated by film collector and archivist, Steven Morowitz, FilmCentrix is focused mainly on exploitation cinema. There is a very high quality and hands on approach toward preservation, restoration as well as releasing definitive editions of lost and hard to find films. In addition to operating as a film archive, FilmCentrix is also heavily involved in the actual film restoration process and recently has finished renovation on a brand new film lab, attached to the archive.

FilmCentrix welcomes new relationships with collector’s, archivists, labs and anyone who has film that they are interested in preserving. With many new relationships already formed, many new film acquisitions and hopefully more discoveries on the horizon, FilmCentrix looks forward to contributing to the ongoing preservation of cinema.